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Jim Kokkinakis is well known amongst his peers as an expert in contact lens fitting and troubleshooting. Many colleagues and eye surgeons refer their patients to Jim’s practice (The Eye Practice) in the Sydney CBD. Practicing in the city means seeing people that use computers and have significant eyestrain issues. Apart from clinical work, Jim also regularly lectures around Australia and internationally to undergraduates, postgraduates and other eye care practitioners.

Computer Vision Syndrome – An Epidemic!

Eye Strain from computer screen work we all know is very common, but there is a whole lot more that we need to think about when we sit down to our daily work or leisure load when using a digital device. Eye Strain, Computer Vision Syndrome and Asthenopia are dealt with in more detail here. […]

Are The Newer LED Computer Screens Causing Eye Problems? Dr Jim Kokkinakis Discusses

The Personal Computer started to be used in many offices from the early 80’s.  Dr Jim Kokkinakis has been testing office workers for vision and eye health problems since then and has noticed an exponential increase of these problems that are linked to excessive and inappropriate use of computers and the screens. In the early […]

Dr Jim Kokkinakis Talks About Simple Ways to Avoid Eye Strain

Eye Strain is a vision problem which affects a whole lot of people these days. Extensive use and improper care for the eyes can lead to this problem. Truth is, almost every single individual knows that overuse of their eyes can really lead to vision impairment. The problem is that, most of the time, people […]

Computer Induced Eye Strain and It’s Prevention

Computer vision syndrome triggered due to extensive use of the computer and staring at the monitor for long hours. Though this can result to discomfort, it usually fades away easily after one or two hours of eye relaxation. This could mean getting up from the desk first and taking a stroll or taking a nap. […]

Factors that Contribute to Computer Related Vision Syndrome

Computer vision syndrome refers to ophthalmic and visual symptoms that commonly occur among computer users. With more and more people exposed to prolonged use of computers in school, at work and even at home, it is not surprising that computer vision syndrome is a fairly common eye condition. Its symptoms include the following: •    Blurred […]

Eye Strain and Eye Twitching

Eye twitching (also known as Myokymia) is a common condition experienced by most people. It involves rippling muscle contractions in the eyelid. It commonly occurs on the bottom eyelid of one eye. However, it is also possible for the top part of the eyelid to twitch. It is a very subtle movement that other people […]

Problems associated with Eye Strain

Eye strain is an eye condition that you can experience when your eyes become tired due to intense or prolonged use. When you perform your daily activities like reading, watching the television, using a computer or driving a car for extended periods of time, you may be susceptible to experiencing eye strain. While it can […]